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The Instagram account

What did Amsterdam look like centuries ago? Did the streets look the same?

Then & Now • Amsterdam is an Instagram account that tries to answer these questions by showing 'before and after' photos of  different neighborhoods in Amsterdam. 

In order to make an accurate comparison between the past and the present, the newer photos are taken at the exact same location as the older ones, decades ago.

Let me introduce myself

Who is the creator of the Then & Now • Amsterdam Instagram account? That is me - Sharon - a marketeer by day and a photo and story fanatic by, well, any other moment of the day.


I don't consider myself to be a history buff at all, but I always had a somewhat weird fascination with old buildings, photos, family trees and the stories behind them. Shortly after I moved to Amsterdam, I decided to start this Instagram account. It gave me the opportunity to explore the city and learn about its history at the same time.

Learning more about the city's history and looking at decades-old photos, definitely make me appreciate my life in this beautiful city even more. I hope that Then & Now • Amsterdam can do the same for you.

Sharon Hansma | Then & Now Amsterdam

Behind the scenes

At least twice a month, I make sure to clear my calendar and to go on a Then & Now • Amsterdam photo day. This entails me walking through the city and making as many photos as possible.

To approach this in a somewhat structured way, I create a walking route in advance and focus on one or two neighborhoods at a time.

What does a photo day look like?

Find out in this 'behind the scenes video'.

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