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Algemeen Dagblad video

Interested in learning more about the account and curious about how I work?

The Algemeen Dagblad (AD) created a video about the Then & Now • Amterdam account. Watch the video on the AD website by clicking on the button below.

Amsterdamse Annexaties 1921

On 1 January 1921, the annexations of Amsterdam's neighboring villages took place, resulting in Amsterdam growing 4 times its original size. Upon these annexations, villages like Nieuwendam, Ransdorp, Watergraafsmeer, Sloten and Buiksloot officially became part of Amsterdam.

Ons Amsterdam dedicated a specific website to this event. The page shares stories of (former) residents, the history about each village and much more.

Then & Now • Amsterdam was asked to contribute to this website with before and after photos of the annexed areas.

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